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Doctor of Education

Докторът на образователната степен се базира на знанията, придобити в бакалавърските и магистърските програми. Учителите, които се стремят да продължат кариерата си на длъжности с по-голяма отговорност, могат да следват тази степен.

Австралия е третият най-голям броят на чуждестранните студенти в света, въпреки че имат общност от едва 23 милиона евро. Това са силни академични познания, но австралийските институции са също толкова високо класирана като градовете, че къщата им около родната земя.

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Doctor of Education

University of Technology Sydney
Campus Редовна форма Задочна/вечерна форма 4 - 8  January 2019 Австралия Sydney + още 1

The Doctor of Education is designed to meet the needs of practitioners and professionals who wish to research some aspect of their field of practice. Candidates embark on high-level, practice-based research into one of the areas of research strength in UTS: Education. [+]

The course caters not only for students committed to an academic path, but for senior practitioners from public and private sectors who wish to study and undertake research at the highest level.

The purpose of the course is to enhance the practitioner's capacity to question, analyse, critique and develop their profession and its practices. It is a research degree whose purpose is to assist professionals to develop a relationship between research and their professional activities, in areas such as policy development and appraisal, innovation and administration.

Career options include leadership roles in the education field as a principal, manager, planner, policy adviser, teacher or trainer, in a government, industrial, commercial or community setting.... [-]